An elderly woman in a nursing facility takes ‘self love’ to a whole new level by getting married to herself.

Meet Dorothy Fideli, a person with a rather bizarre understanding of the phrase ‘love yourself.’

The 77-year-old has only been married once and lives in a retirement community. She is a mother and grandmother.

More ‘alone time’ was spent by Dorothy than by most persons. Because she is older, Dorothy has mastered independence.

One day in church she had a realization that caused her to make an unexpected decision that made the news.

Dorothy made the decision to wed herself. You did read that correctly.

Yet why? There is an easy solution. Dorothy claims that during the 40 years she has been alone,

there has only been one person who has consistently shown her love, support, and belief. She genuinely believed that she was that person.

Dorothy did, in fact, perfect the skill of self-love, which we younger people find so difficult.

She had previously been married. Dorothy married in a court ceremony in 1965. Not near as lovely or sophisticated as a wedding in a church.

She actually remembers that after the ceremony, she simply went home as usual while he also went to work as usual.

She might be so delighted to be wearing a real bride’s dress this time because of this.

She was divorced from her prior spouse after 9 years because her previous marriage wasn’t meant to last.

‘I have spent the last 40 years by myself. One day in church, I simply had the thought, ‘You want to do something special for yourself,’ remarked Dorothy.

Dorothy adds that the way we perceive ‘love yourself’ is still a crucial lesson, despite the fact that her move was a playful, literal interpretation of the phrase.

We could frequently catch ourselves second-guessing and despise ourselves for prior actions.

Disaster is always guaranteed if you do that, especially if you do it frequently. You wouldn’t believe all the ways that anxiety may harm you.

Before you realize it, your mind is preoccupied with all the things you did wrong, and you start to feel worthless.

There are other ways to love yourself besides having a cheeky ceremony to marry yourself, as she did.

Even if no one is giving you roses or asking you out right now, you can still sit down, treat yourself to something, and express your pride in yourself.

If it’s not in the cards for them, there are other things they may do to find happiness and their place in the world. She concluded by saying.

All I’ll say about Dorothy’s solo wedding is that I’m interested to see how the reception and honeymoon turn out. It sounds easier, at least, to pay for food and everything else.

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