In her youth, she worked in a mine, and at the age of 80, she went on stage. How grandmother Klaudia became a model

Most often, young girls prefer to work in the modeling business, for whom the podium is the first step to fame and a prosperous life.

It is true that not everyone chooses this path, and for some the calling comes naturally.

The story of our today’s heroine is already interesting in that she first appeared on the podium at the age of 80,

having managed to overcome many obstacles and difficulties in life before that. But now she meekly endures long makeup applications, hours of photo shoots and endless dressing up.

Hardened by wind, cold and heat.

Claudia Konradi was born in Moscow region in 1940. When the Great Patriotic War began, Claudia’s

father went to military service, and her mother, with three children in her arms, tried to find at least one job.

Having saved the two youngest, Klava and his brother, from starvation, he gave them to an orphanage for a while,

where they were unwell but still fed. After the fall of the Wall, the family was reunited and moved to Korkino, Chelyabinsk Region. The post-war years were not easy, but Claudia never complained.

She studied well at school, was very fond of literature and could be admitted to the philological department of the institute.

But she was attracted to a completely different profession, young Klava dreamed of becoming a geologist.

At the age of 14, he entered the Geological Research College of Miass, after which she went to Kuzbass.

There she studied the soils of the village and, for the construction of an industrial area, collected samples for laboratory research to calculate how much load the soil could withstand.

18-year-old Claudia was subjected to a rather violent group of men, among whom were those who had recently been released from prison. But the girl was able to find a common language with everyone.

It seems that the subordinates treated her like a little girl, because all the time they tried to please her with something, organized surprises and did not hurt her.

She ended up in the group of Claudia and Nicola, who began to take care of the girl and managed to win her heart.

And after Kuzbass, she got a ticket to Altai, where she worked again in the men’s team. She learned all the pleasures of living in a tent and cooking over a fire.

‘Of course, it was not easy, I had to work in any weather, both rain and frost.”’ But Claudia did not complain.

However, after she married Nicola and gave birth to her first daughter, he nevertheless moved in with her parents in Corcino, got a job in a mine, where she worked for more than 30 years.

Every day he went down to great depths, but for some reason he never felt fear, she knew all the dangerous zones, controlled the quality of coal,

divided the rocks into different categories. She loved her profession and, surprisingly, she always enjoyed going down to the mine.

She did not refuse if she was called to work on weekends or even at night, she understood that the

drilling could not continue without her, but it was also impossible to stop the work of the miners.

Claudia Konrady generally considers herself a happy person in life. Her fate was difficult but interesting, she met good people along the way.

She never heard bad words from the workers, everyone around her was treated with warmth and respect, they tried to please her.

It should be noted that Claudia herself was kind and friendly even with strangers.She retired from the privileged service,

but she is not going to sit at home at all, she started teaching. And even when she was completely done with her career, she couldn’t sit back.

At first, she traveled a lot, discovered different cultures and countries, and then she started winning the podium with the light hand of one of her granddaughters.

Claudia has never considered herself beautiful, but she doesn’t like weird outfits.

She categorically did not recognize old women’s dresses and at the same time tried to dress beautifully,

stylishly and fashionably, which invariably fascinated one of her granddaughters, creative producer Ekaterina Reish.

It was she who invited the grandmother to a test photo shoot. Ekaterina chose dresses for herself from her own wardrobe, fortunately, they are the same size as her grandmother’s, 42.

It is surprising that Claudia Konrady, a very modest and reserved woman in life, did not feel shy and constrained in front of the cameras.

She patiently endured a long make-up, enjoyed watching the hairdresser work magic on her hair, then meekly changed her clothes and admired her reflection in the mirror every time.

On one of the social networks, the granddaughter opened a blog for her grandmother, where she published photos.

Claudia Conradi could have done it herself, if her eyes had not weakened, her eyesight had deteriorated greatly with age.

Ekaterina coordinates every note with her grandmother, sometimes she even writes texts according to her dictation.

Soon, Claudia got her first clients, the manufacturer of original women’s headscarves became interested in the adult model,

and then he invited her for a photo shoot. Claudia now participates in fashion shows in Chelyabinsk.

For the first time, she took the podium at the Entrepreneurship Day and demonstrated the natural linen products by Kimono.

In 2021, Claudia Konrady received her first award in her new field of work: Media Person of the Year.

Now she is sure that it is never too late to start doing something new. And she repeats also on behalf of the great master Picasso. ‘We don’t get old. We are maturing.’

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